Freshmen high school students need to step up because it is their first time to step on the new level they are in. Education, especially in the secondary level, has the trend of moving away from one-word-answer tests to essay writing. Further, the internet has become the new important and widely used source for students doing their academic work.

  • Understand – Writing the essay is much different than answering objective examinations. You need to do more than just remember or memorise facts. More than knowing facts, you have to have an understanding about what they are about. At the same time, you must know how to express yourself in a clear and concise manner of writing.
  • Communicate – Communication is an important skill that you will use in the real world and you have to learn in school. You will also need it in studying all subjects. Also, it is also essential when you work as a professional in the future. The skills of writing and communicating can be learned and developed. To help you do so, you can follow some advice.
  • Structure – Structuring is the first and a very important part of writing. Start with an introduction in which you will tell your readers what you will write about. Next, you continue with paragraphs in your discussion in which you will tackle your topic. End with a conclusion where you will summarise what you have talked about.
  • S.E.X.I. – The paragraphs in the body of your essay can be written with a guide so that you can achieve a good structure which will make your communication better. This structure can be called “SEXI” which is the sequence of statement, explanation, examination and importance. First, you state the main point of the paragraph. Next, you explain what your statement means. Give reasons why your statement is true. Further, give an example which is an evidence or proof to concretise your statement. Lastly, tell why your point is important or significant. Review your work and revise if necessary.
  • Practice – Aside from these specific pieces of writing advice, you have to remember, to practice writing because it makes perfect.