It’s not easy to write English essays, particularly if the provided prompt doesn’t necessarily help you get engaged with the writing. In other words, essay topics are a big deal. It could make or break the writing experience for you, and because you want to pass, you’d prefer the former.

If you’re simply given by your tutor a topic, then making it interest you would be a little trickier than one can expect. For one, if the topic, in its entirety doesn’t fascinate you even one tiny bit, then you’ll have to dig deeper.

You will have to look at its varying facet and hope that one – even a single one could tickle your fancy. In such case, you will simply explore the topic using your chosen facet as a perspective or angle. Perhaps, in the long duration of scribbling, you’ll eventually learn to appreciate it.

If the reins are in your hands

On the other hand, how would it be if English essay topics were for you to decide? Okay, your tutor may give you a big umbrella field, which practically houses so many sub-fields. All that’s required is for you to take the picking and then go, write it.

It’s not that different with the previous section, right? The case for the topic shouldered by you is natural. What was done with the other case is that the natural design (multiple facet selection) was mimicked and adopted for the sorrier case (the one on which tutors decide on the prompt).

So, that’s basically it – a matter of plying the layers and choosing which among them are worthy of your time and of your coveted interest. If you’re still struggling to work around the given English, get the gist suggested by these tweaking:

  • Common Basic Errors

Several essay topics that delve on the basics of English were assigned for you to write. The frequency naturally renders you bored. Toss that boredom in the trash bin as this topic has just been tweaked to focus on common errors, say punctuation errors.

  • Comparing classic and modern English figures

Just because they left the world abuzz with their written work, you’re obligated to make them king in your English essays. Make their stay in your piece worth it, by facilitating a clash between the oldies and the newbies.

In case, you can no longer take it, get essay writing help.