Struggles and problems are unavoidable. Wherever we are or whatever we do in life, there will be things that will bother us or make it difficult for us. But even though there are many things in life that come to us that we do not like, many of them we can decide on. We can still have a say on problems even though how inevitable they are. We can decide to do something about them and stop complaining.

Stay or Leave

Whatever it is that is bogging us or wherever we are that there is something that is disturbing us, we have the choice to either stay or leave. To decide, we have to consider many factors. Will leaving really solve the problem or will it lead to another problem. On the other hand, do we really need to stay? Can we still stay and bear with the problem?

Stay and Stop Complaining

If we decide to stay, whatever the reasons and factors, we should stop complaining. When we stay, that means we are still okay with the situation especially with the problem involved in it. Because we stayed, even if we are only forced to do so, we should accept the situation and let things be. This is especially so with things we have been complaining about because it means that the chances for them changing is very slim.

Stop Complaining and Leave

When we have been complaining about problems for a long time, this means that they have been like that for a long time and will possibly be for more time or forever. Thus, we need to accept them and stop complaining. Or else, we should stop complaining and leave.