Do you want to share your knowledge? You can be a guest blogger here at UK Essay Advice! Send in your articles about academic essay writing or any related topics and be of help to many students and people who want to improve their written communication and other academic and life skills. You may also submit your commentaries, analysis or other pieces on these and related fields.

So that you will be guided on what we look for in guest blog submissions, please read our Guidelines for Guest Blogs and Tips for Blog Writing.

Guidelines for Guest Blogs

  • Exclusive and Original – We publish only original writing works which are not posted anywhere else even in your blog or website. You can send in articles which are self-help, guidelines, informative, news features, commentaries, analysis or other forms.
  • Author Box – Limit your author box to two sentences. One sentence will do. Make sure that you describe yourself and what you do. You can put a link to your Facebook page or your Twitter account. Include a photo of yourself.
  • Linking – You are allowed only one link for each submission. It can either be for a relevant keyword or the link in your author box.
  • Word Count – Your guest blog should not be less than 600 words. You are not given any maximum limit.
  • Stand Alone – Do not point to external sources in your guest blog. Your content should be able to stand by itself. (Please refer to the corresponding tip below on how to address this guideline.)
  • Helpful Substance and Form – Have the goal of coming up with an output which is helpful both in substance and in form. The helpful substance of your writing may be lost if it does not come in a form which facilitates the help.
  • Proofreading – Before submitting your guest post, proofread and spell check it.
  • Image – Please provide a screenshot image that we can put in your guest post as part of a better presentation.
  • Submitting – Submit your guest blog complete with its image and author box with profile photo in one transmission to [].
  • Editing – You agree that we can make necessary revisions to one or more parts of your draft including the title, introduction and conclusion.
  • Publishing – We will notify you if your submission will be published. You will receive such notification after, the most, 48 hours from the time you submitted. Expect that your guest blog will go online in two weeks or earlier. We estimate this time because there can also be others which may be approved before yours and needs to be published first.

Tips for Blog Writing

  • Perspective – Aim your writing to readers and not to the blog owner or the niche of the blog.
  • Word Count – Avoid basing your writing on word count limits like minimum and maximum. What is important is that you are able to convey your message well. In meeting minimums, do not resort to excessive writing of fillers; add more support to your points instead. Never do the supplementation in your introduction.
  • Stand Alone – To make your content stand alone, you should include in it all the information it needs in making it understandable. For words or terms which you believe many readers will not able to understand right away without referring to other materials, you must include descriptions or definitions.
  • Facilitate Help – Help readers in navigating through inside your writing. If possible, use sub-headings, bullet points, lists, diagrams, tables or other visual aids.