When you write an essay, you usually think of it as something you have to complete—whether the chore is enjoyable or otherwise—or your overall academic standing will not improve.

You know you have to do research for the supporting points you need to add in your essay and to look for guides on proper referencing depending on what your professor specified.

Your essay writing task can be enjoyable if you do not only see it as a tool to get your marks to a first class degree. To help you write a more effective essay, you also have to take into consideration the different roles you take on. If you completely understand what your readers are looking for in your work, you can easily maneuver your essay to your advantage.

An advantageous element of an essay is that it already has a definite structure: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The referencing format that you will use will also be usually provided by the professor. You can only just focus on the content and the organisation of your facts so it will have a greater effect to your readers.

While writing the essay, you are taking the role of the learner. That would mean that your essay content must include the inputs you have learned throughout your learning experience. Aside from that, your professor will expect that after a learning activity has been done, you have also acquired other skills that will help you gain holistic growth. You also have to be able to demonstrate these new acquired skills in your writing. You can achieve this by integrating your own stand and provide your own analysis on the issue you have to discuss.

You have to take note that in writing an essay, you are informing other readers of things they have not encountered before. Your writing must be clear, concise and organised so your readers can easily grasp this additional knowledge you wish to impart. Your essay must also have the proper citations and references so they can easily look for these sources on their own, especially if they wish to learn more about the author’s works.

Since an essay is another medium of communication, you also take the role of a communicator. In being a communicator, you have to take note of your intended readers’ profile. You have to identify what words they can understand, what facts are more convincing for them, what topics they want to discuss and what they want to read from you. If you are able to accurately target all their needs in your essay, then your essay is already proven as effective.

You must also take note of your role as a writer. By being a writer, you focus on the structure and technique of the writing itself. You have to take into consideration the writing style that you have to utilise. Grammar and spelling are stringently checked. You also have to make sure that you have used appropriate transitional devices so your essay is more readable by many.